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We Serve
Lion President
Immediate Past President
Lion Alice Hoxie
Lion Rob Farella
1st Vice President
1 Year Directors
2 Year Directors
This is what each of us stands for at every meeting and in everyday life, come join us in our memories.  We need your help! And support.  Being a lion is one of the most fulfilling jobs you will ever do, service your community and your state.

Tail Twister
Lion Tamer
Membership Directors
3rd Vice President
2nd Vice President
Publicity Director
Lion Norma Gyle
Officers July 2018 - June 2019
Melvin Jones Fellows
Lion Bob Gyle: 05/13/1993
Lion Dick Grant:      06/17/1995
Lion Hillary Bassriel:04/03/1996
Lion John Hodge:     03/13/1998
Lion Jean Hazard:    07/07/2001
Lion Alice Hoxie:     06/04/2002
Lion Rob Farella:     06/04/2002
Lion Marty Steinberg:      06/04/2002
Lion Donna Bassriel:06/30/2003
Lion M. Jodi Rell:     06/30/2003
Lion Lovie Bourne:   06/30/2004
Lion Fran Allen:       06/30/2005
Lion Marlene Lamendola: 06/30/2005
Lion Regina Knopf:   06/02/2006
Lion Fred Bourne:    06/02/2006
Lion Gerry Plantania06/10/2007
Lion Beth Handsman06/27/2010
Lion Norma Gyle      06/16/2011
Lion Greg Slomba    06/16/2011
Knights of the Blind
Lion Bob Gyle:   1996
Lion Dick Grant: 1996
Lion Nancy Beck:1998
Lion Alice Hoxie: 2002
Lion Marge Gallo:2002
Lion Lovie Bourne:       2003
Lion Fred Bourne:2005
Lion Pat Martin:   2006
Lion Jean Knopf   2007
Ambassador of Sight
Lion Bob Gyle:   2004
Lion Marty Steinberg:  2006
Lion Rob Farella  2010

Lion Marlene Lamendola

Lion Greg Slomba
Lion Rob Farella
Lion Jo Kopke
Lion John Hodge
Lion Bob Gyle
Lion Tracy Poeti

Lion Jean Hazzard

Pat Losito
Lion Doug Stram

Lion Rebecca Laughinghouse

Lion Janet Farella
Lion Kris Hodge
Lion Lyn McCarthy
Lion Gary McCarthy