Past Club Meetings and Events -

* At our 18 December, Ethan Allan Holiday Gala, (1) 37 Lions and Guests were in attendance; (2) New Lions were inducted:  Connie Paist, Gerry Platania, Elizabeth Steinberg and Lisa Warren.  WELCOME!  (3) Grab Bag Gifts were exchanged...the most "wanted" two gifts were a beautifully wrapped coconut and a banana...you had to be there; (4) Lion Alice brought the bells and we all sang the Twelve Days of Christmas, lead by Lion Jerry King; (5) The food was excellent; the service great and the ambiance was festive; (6) We were asked about Lionism by one of the Ethan Allan staff; and were prepared with an informational bi-fold and an application.  I believe that all had a good time.

* 19 December, Food Gift Certificates were distributed to four families in need through Tom Hannah, Consolidated School's Social Worker.  Certificates were distributed as follows:  $100 to a family of five; $75 to a family of four; and $50 to two families of three.  Additionally, we had eight art sets leftover from the Green Chimney's Holiday Party...which were distributed to the eight children within the above-stated four families.  Thanks to everyone for helping to assist those less fortunate.  Thanks to Lions Donna Larsen and Christine Makell for coordinating this event.

* At our 8 January Morning Meeting, Paul Bruno, Board of Education, Chairman; and Chip Hoffman, Assistant Principal, N.F.H.S. came to discuss the Long Range Facilities Plan and the 2004-05 Educational Budget.  The BoE is currently focusing on renovations and upgrades to N.F.H.S.  One of Paul Bruno's goals is to provide more communication to the community regarding what is going on in the schools.  He may be reached at 312-5806 or Paul@Greymoor.com, if you have questions.  Both Paul and Chip invite all interested residents to come to tour the High School.  To schedule a tour, please call Mr. Hoffman's office, 746-6089.

Upcoming Club Meetings and Events -

* 22 January - Evening Meeting, guest speaker, Joe Dorrien, Chief Grower, Venamy Orchids, Brewster, NY...
"For the Love of Orchids."

* 2 February - Board Meeting, USB, 6 PM.

* 6-8 February - MD23 Lions Mid-Winter Conference.

* 26 February - Wine Tasting & Dinner, Ernie's Roadhouse, 6:30 PM.

* 12 March - Lions Day With the United Nations.  An application may be found in The Lion, Dec.2003 / Jan. 2004 edition, page 27; or www.lionsclub.org.  Deadline for registering is 20 February.  Typically MD23 hires a luxury bus for the day's visit to New York.  Please let me know if you're interested in attending.  (Note:  District - 23A; Club # - 1-420-056805.)

* 25 March - New Member Drive Meeting, 6:30 PM, Community Room, Company A Fire House, New Fairfield.  (See attached letter.)

Correspondence -

* We received a thank you letter from the Multiple District 23 Connecticut State Council regarding our donation of $100.00 to help the California forest fire victims.

Club News -

* Lion Carrie Matos' daughter became engaged over the holiday season.  She lives in Florida...the wedding is being held in CT....  Congratulations...and oh, well.

* Lion Lisa Warren and family spent their Christmas holiday in sunny Florida.

* Lion Marlene would like to receive checks from all members who have not yet paid their dues.  Contact Lion Marlene if you have any questions.

Miscellaneous -

I am six months into my Presidency.  Within this time period, we have added ten new Lions to our Club.  Our membership is currently 56.  It has been an honor to lead this Club and I am very proud of our reputation within the Lions community.  I sincerely appreciate everyone doing what they can to make our Club successful. 
Thank you! 

Happy New Year!

Yours in Lionism…Kind regards, Lion Lovie
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