President's Pen - March, 2005
PO Drawer G, New Fairfield, CT  06812

March, 2005
Robert B. Gyle III, PDG, PCC
President, 2004-2005

Dear Candlewood Lion Members,

Ok, so this is not a great weather year.  Both February meetings postponed because of the weather.

So what happens?  Well, the regular morning meeting is scheduled for March 10, 2005 at American Pie Company and we are going to have the Pot Luck Dinner at the Senior Center with the speaker from the CT Lottery on March 24, 2005 at 6:30 pm and with the same Southwestern Theme.  I’m sure some of you have your entries on ice and others will be cooking that day.  Lion Marlene will again be coordinating the effort so if you couldn’t participate last month and can this month give her a call and discuss what you might bring.  We will charge $5.00 to offset the club costs.

Our key event this month is the Wine Tasting which is this Friday, March 4 at the Brookfield Library.  Lion Seamus has promised a great evening wit ha special presentation by Dr. DeGrazia owner of the DiGrazia vineyard.  Sell your tickets $15.00 each or buy a couple and bring a friend or two.

We had a great time at the Mid-Winter Conference in early February and were able to complete our commitment of raising $500.00 for the Tsunami relief through LCIF.

Our major fundraiser is going to be held on Friday, April 29th and Lion Jerry and his committee have been meeting to plan an outstanding and fun filled event.  By the way I hope you all saw the full front page article in the IMAGES section in the Danbury paper on Saturday, February 26th of Jerry and Peggy performing at the Danbury Senior Center.  We are really lucky to have them as involved as they are in our club.  We will be selling ads in our program book to support this effort also.  Congratulation to Lion Donna Larsen on being named manager of the new Bethel branch of Sound Federal Savings.

I looks like our 10th Anniversary Celebration will be a brunch on Sunday, June 12th so save the date.  More later on the details.

There will be a Board of Directors meeting on Monday, March 7, 2005 at my house, 6 Milltown Road, New Fairfield at 6:30, All Lions are Welcome.   If you think about it give me a call or tell me at the Wine Tasting that you’ll be there.  We’ll have salad and Subways, discuss next year’s administration and the nominating process.  It is also time to discuss our meeting formats.  Do we want to continue with the morning meetings or go to two evening meetings a month?  The Board should be discussing this based on a lack of membership attendance at the morning meetings.

For those members who pay their dues on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, they are now due. WE need all of our members to remain current.   That’s all for now Lions. 

Think membership!  Just Ask.



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