President's Pen - March, 2006
PO Drawer G, New Fairfield, CT  06812

Our club is as strong as our members..... Keep our club strong......

Jean Knopf
President, 2005-2006

Dear Candlewood Lion Members,

That time of the year is here again.  It is time to elect new board members.   Past President Bob Gyle has asked anyone interested in moving into a leadership role in our club to please contact him.  Nominations will be announced in March and voted on in April.

On February 3rd Lions Bob and Norma Gayle, Lions Gerry and Lynn Platania Lions Rob and Janet Farella, Lion Pam Sommer, Lion Alice Hoxie, Lion Pat B Hoffkins, Lion Pat Hoffkins, Lion Othella Mayes, Lion Marty Steinberg and his wife, Lions Jerry and Peggy King, Lion Seamus Walsh and myself attended the opening night of the Mid-Winter convention. What a great time we all had.  Lion Bob suggested a wonderful restaurant "The Stonewell Restaurant" where we all had dinner and enjoyed each others company.  Our club had decided to do a skit that evening and Lion Peggy volunteered to be our director…and as any good director would do she called several rehearsals.  It proved not to be an easy task to get everyone there at the same time.  But somehow Lion Peggy managed to tame the lions and get us all there….The skit went off without a hitch and we really were pretty good.  Though we didn’t get first prize Lion Peggy deserves a round applause for her efforts in making our group look good.
Another round of applause must go to Lion Marty Steinberg.  Lion Marty sold metals that he had designed and donated to benefit Low Vision at Mid-Winter.  Due to Marty’s efforts he collected $300.00.  His efforts and dedication is greatly appreciated.
We spent the rest of the evening dancing and meeting members from other clubs.  It was a fun event.  I encourage everyone to try and make it next year.

Our Wine Tasting was also scheduled in February (2/24).  The committee did an excellent job of providing wonderful platters of cheese and fresh fruit and home baked cheese sticks.  The room was decorated beautifully and the venders had many wines to be tasted.  Everyone received a beautiful wine glass to take home.  It proved to be a wonderful, relaxing evening.  Unfortunately not many tickets were sold and the turnout was not what we had hopped for.  However, on a plus side we spoke to three potential new members. One will be inducted into our club at the March 2nd meeting and two others have expressed an interest in attending a meeting to explore the idea of joining the club. That was exciting.

The RAFFLE was kicked off at the Mid-Winter.  In the first week we sold enough tickets to cover the cost of our prizes.  Now, any monies we receive from the sale of the tickets will be pure profit to our club.  I have mailed everyone a book of tickets. If you have not received them please contact me and I will get another book to you.   To make this a successful fund raiser we must all buy our book of tickets or sell them to friends, co-workers and family.  This is a great opportunity to raise money for the club.  However, it will only be as successful as our members make it.  Please commit yourself to selling these tickets and helping the club.

The Lions Chocolate Easter Bunnies are on sale once again…Anyone interested in purchasing a bunny should contact Lion Jean Knopf @ 775-522, Lion Gerry Platania @ 830-6958 or Lion Seamus Walsh @ 860-210-2676.  I will also bring some to our next meeting to purchase there also.

The committee has begun to meet to gear up for the “Do You Wanna Dance Party” Fund Raiser.  We are looking for members to join the committee.  Please call Committee Chair, Gerry Platania at 830-6958.  There are many committees within the committee that we could use the many talents of our members on.  This is our biggest fund raiser of the year.  We need everyone to get involved.

Our March 16th meeting should be a fun event.  It will be held at the New Fairfield Senior Center and instead of a speaker Lion Seamus Walsh has arranged to have Irish Dancers come in to entertain us.  A Corn Beef and Cabbage Buffet will be provided.  The cost will be $16.00 per member.  This should be a fun evening filled with Irish Music and Dancing.  So dust off your dancing shoes and be ready to party. 

I have been in touch with Cindy White, Social Director for New Fairfield.  We discussed the need to refurbish the Pantry with food for Easter to help those in need in the community.  At our March evening meeting (March 16th) and our April morning meeting (April 8th) I would like to have a food drive and ask members to bring what they can donate.  A list of what is needed is attached.  I appreciate everyone’s support for this worthy cause.

Exciting news for our member Lion Marie Albuquerque, she has just learned that she and her husband will be Grandparents soon. 


MARCH 3/10th      UN Day

APRIL    4/8th   Fidelco Open House
       4/22th  Do You Wanna Dance Party Fund Raiser
       4/29th  Drawing for RAFFLE

MAY       5/19th, 20 & 21        State Convention

JUNE    6/4th     Clubs Installation Brunch, Stony Hill Inn
6/29th thru 7/4th      International Convention, Boston MA


Thursday 3/2th New Fairfield Senior Center @ 7:30
      SPEAKER:   Cindy White, Social Director for New Fairfield
Wed.  3/8th                Board Meeting @ 6:30 pm 
            Biscotti’s Restaurant, New Fairfield –
Thursday, 3/16th     New Fairfield Senior Center, New Fairfield 6:30 PM     
                                    IRISH NIGHT – Irish music and Irish dancing A fun evening for all members to mix and                                                  mingle.

Think Spring…
Lion Jean
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