Past Club Meetings and Events —

¨Kevin Bill of Danbury Hospital’s Chief Cardiologist, Dr. Jonathan Alexander’s office, was the guest speaker at our 22 April meeting.  His topic, “Women & Heart Disease;” was very informative.  Heart disease is the #1 killer of American women (one in every three American women dies of heart disease).  Women often do not take their risk of heart disease seriously.  Risk factors are:  ¤ Smoking; ¤ high blood pressure; ¤ overweight/obesity; ¤ physical in- activity; ¤ diabetes; ¤ family history of early coronary heart disease; and ¤ age 55+.  The following websites have excellent information:

(1)  - 301.592.8573
(2)  - 1.800.994.WOMAN
(3) - 1.888.MY HEART
(4) – 202.728.7199.

¨Lions Bob Kirsch & Lisa Sloan and Mascot Dog Guide, Xing, also attended the 22 April meeting.  District 23A sponsored its first Fidelco guide dog.  The 2-year old Fidelco German Shepherd went to 48 year old Richard, of Waterbury.  Prior to receiving the dog, Richard was mugged several times on his way to church with his cane.  He now feels safe and secure to walk independently with his guide dog at his side.  We helped to make this happen!  Thanks to all.

¨Mascot Guide Dog, Xing, was in rare form at this meeting.  He apparently loves Lion Bob Kirsch and since Lion Bob was sitting at one end of the head table, and Lion Lisa and Xing were at the other end, Xing was making frequent trips “checking” on him.  Apparently, Xing has learned that when Lion Bob visits the Sloan home that he's going out to visit other Lions.  It was a pleasure to have all three of them with us.

¨Lastly at the 22 April meeting we all welcomed our newest Lion, Betty Bourne.  Lion Betty brings our Club total to 57.

¨1 May — Zone 5 Clubs - 108 Glaucoma and Diabetes Related Eye Disease Screenings were conducted at the Danbury Fair Mall.  This was the first time that Mall Management allowed a service organization to operate within the Mall.  Everything went well, and the Lions have been invited back again.  Thanks to New Fairfield Lions President, Don Cleary for coordinating the event.  Our Club’s partici-pation was great!  Thanks to Lions:  Fran Allan, Betty Bourne, Fred Bourne, Lovie Bourne, Allison Downs, Marge Gallo, Jean Hazard, Jerry King, Jean Knopf, Chris Makell, Pat Martin, Othella Mayes and Seamus Walsh for assisting in this event.

¨8 May — Major Fundraiser, “Dancin’ Daze” was a huge success.  The only negative that I heard was that the coffee was served late (I’m laughing…if I drank coffee maybe I wouldn’t be).  We grossed $5,265.00 and our net profit was $3,698.45.  This was the most profitable event that the Club has ever sponsored.  You would have been very proud of the Lionette’s who sang a special rendition of Baby Love and Stop in the Name of Love.  While everyone’s participation helped to make this event a success, there were some that did a little more whom I wish to single out:  Lions Fran Allan, Fred & Lovie Bourne; John & Kris Hodge, Alice Hoxie, Jerry & Peggy King, Jean Knopf, Marlene Lamendola and Jerry Platania.  Without the aforementioned help our net results would not have been as profitable.  Gold stars to the Major Fundraiser Committee members:  Lions Fran Allan, Lovie Bourne, Kris Hodge, Alice Hoxie, Jerry King (Chair), Donna Larsen, Othella Mayes,  and Pam Sommer.

¨ 10 May — At the Board Meeting we distributed our funds for the year.  The distribution of funds listing is attached.

¨13 May — Morning Meeting at the American Pie Company.

¨15 May — Adopt a Street Clean-up.  Thank you to Lions Fred & Lovie Bourne, Rob Farella and Marietta Rizzi for picking up garbage from the Center of Town to the border of St. Edwards.

¨20 May — Joint meeting with our sponsor Club, Yalesville-Wallingford.  There were approximately 52 Lions and guests in atten-dance.  Lions included:  Otto Strobino, Past International Director; Marinus de Jongh, Immediate Past District Governor; and Past District Governors Bob Gyle and Bill Phillips.  Clubs represented were:  Bridgeport (Host); Cheshire; Devon; Meriden; Milford; N.F. Candlewood; North Haven; Orange; Ridgefield; and Yalesville-Wallingford.  The purpose of the meeting was to present a Melvin Jones Fellow to G.W. Wruck who recently died.  Remember this was a surprise to Lion Joyce Wruck (GW’s wife).  The meeting was setup just like our regular Evening Meeting.  Yalesville’s President, Sandy Thibodeau and I jointly chaired the meeting.  Under New Business, Pres. Sandy began by saying that we have a special presentation at this time.  She talked about a well known dedicated Lion, Husband, Father and Friend….  Pres. Lovie began by saying, “It is very appropriate that the New Fairfield Candlewood Lions and its sponsor Club, Yalesville-Wallingford jointly honor GW Wruck with a Melvin Jones Fellow.  [At this time Lion Joyce broke into tears.]  GW’s commitment and sense of fairness helped New Fairfield Candlewood to get its’ Charter.  His actions, almost 10 years ago, have not been forgotten by our Club.  We knew him to be forthright and honest with his word.”  It was truly an amazing meeting.  Thanks to CLC members:  Lovie Bourne; Allison Downs; Rob Farella; Bob & Norma Gyle; Jean Knopf, Marty Steinberg and Seamus Walsh for attending.

Pres. Sandy sent the following note of thanks.  “Dear President Lovie and members of Candlewood, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your donation and support for G.W.’s Melvin Jones Award.  Without Candlewood we would not have been able to do this.  I was honored to work with Lovie on this and we successfully pulled it off without Joyce knowing.  Your support and support from 42 other Lion members that attended was wonderful and showed how much Lions care about each other.  It was a very special evening. And it was great to see you all and I hope we [Y-W] can attend one of your events in the near future as I believe it is our turn to come there for a change.  What do you think?  Keep that in mind Bob for next year if it does not happen sooner for your ten-year anniversary party.

Once again thank you with all of my heart!!!!  Keep in touch!!  President Sandy, Y-W Lions”

¨24 May – Lions Fred Bourne, Allison Downs, Jean Knopf and Donna Larson attended the training for new officers held in Norwalk at Adams Rib Restaurant.

Upcoming Club Meetings and Events —

¨27 May — Evening Meeting, Ernie’s Roadhouse, 6:30 PM.  Guest speakers, State of Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control employee’s Lisa Cocchiola and Joe Wood, Consumer Education Developers.  They are both members of the Consumer Education Outreach Program that is a requirement of the Electric Restructuring law.  Ms. Cocchiola and Mr. Wood are responsible for providing information to consumers about the changes that are occurring within the electric industry.

—Zone Chairman Gordon Williams also to attend.  Additionally, there will be an induction of five new Lions by PDG Bob—they are:  Marie Albuquerque, Patricia B. Hoffkins, and Patricia Hoffkins (sponsor, Lion Jean Knopf); Geri Brenia and Susan Licata (sponsor, Lion Alice Hoxie).  We are now 62 Lions strong!

¨2 June - N.F.H.S.  Scholarship Night.

¨7 June - Board Meeting, USB

¨10 June  - 7:30 AM, Morning Meeting, American Pie Co., Sherman.

¨12 June - Testimonial Dinner Honoring District Governor, Robert M. Redenz.

¨23 June — Lions Family Night at the Ball-park @ Rogers Park, Danbury.  Danbury Westerners vs. Hinsdale, MA Berkshires Dukes.  Danbury Lions President, Eric Nadeau will throw out the first pitch.  $3.00 per person, food vendors, or one can bring a picnic.  Game starts at 7 PM.  This sounds like F-U-N.   Lions Fred & Lovie are planning to attend—join us.

¨23 June — Good Friend Volunteer Appreciation Dinner from 5:30 to 8:30 PM at Green Chimney’s in Brewster.

¨24 June — President Lovie’s last meeting as President.  Installation of new officers conducted by PDG Bill Phillips (Orange Club).

¨4 July – Parade and after parade party at the Gyle’s.  **Save the date.** More info to follow.

Club News —

¨Owner/Broker Paul Scalzo, Century 21 Home Services, Scalzo Group Real Estate’s presented the Community/Civic Service Award 2003 to Lion Fran Allan.  Congratulations Lion Fran.

¨Lion Carrie Matos’ car was hit in the rear as she was stopped waiting for traffic to pass as she was turning into her street.  Although she was hit so hard that her seat broke away from the car frame, she was not injured visually.  Lion Carrie was very lucky though her car was totaled.  Lion Carrie’s daughter, Francesca, flew in from Florida to assist her.  A get well card was sent and Lion Fred and I went over with a hanging flower basket.  J.P. was not with her when the accident occurred.

¨Lion Marty’s daughter pulled a little magic out of her “own hat” and finished her first year at college with straight A’s.  We’re very proud of you Lion Elizabeth.  Congratulations!

¨What a nice thing to do.  Bernie Gallo took his mother-in-law to various tag sales on Saturday morning so that Lion Marge could assist in the Mall Eye Screenings.  Thank you Bernie.

¨Gianni Cordazzo is now Union Savings Bank’s Vice President, Investment Manage-ment & Trust.  Congratulations Lion Gianni!

Correspondence —

¨Good Friend wrote, “Your efforts on behalf of Good Friend and the children and families we serve is greatly appreciated.  You helped us raise nearly $8,000.”  Referring to the Good Friend 11th Annual Tortoise & Hare 5K.

¨Lion Carrie Matos sent a card of thanks thanking Lion Lovie for visiting J.P. at the hospital (Yale N.H.).  She asked that I extend her sincere gratitude to all the [Lion] members for the wonderful present.  I didn’t share this info previously, but this was J.P.’s second open heart surgery.  He’s doing very well.

Miscellaneous —

¨Thank you letters and a copy of the Dancin’ Daze ad booklet was sent out to all business-es and/or non-Lion members who took out ads.

Personal Note —

¨This is my next to last President’s Pen.  I am both glad and sad that my year is nearly over.  However, it has been a pleasure to lead this Club.  Our reputation within the Lion’s “family” is strong.  And, I am very proud to be a New Fairfield Candlewood Lion.  I’ve adopted a new motto, “We survive together, or not at all.”  Thanks to each and every Candlewood Lion for the efforts you put forth to make our Club what it is.

Yours in Lionism…Kind regards, Lion Lovie
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