President's Pen - June, 2003

"One World, One Heart ... Building a Better Tomorrow"

Memorial Day Greetings, Candlewood Lions!

Candlewood was honored to welcome forensic scientist and Connecticut's own mystery writer Dr. Jerry Labriola and his thought provoking talk on "America's Fascination with the Murder Mystery.  "Thank you, Dr Labriola, and all who contributed to the successful raffle which included Dr. Jerry's three medical murder novels.  The proceeds will benefit the college fund for the children of those American soldiers who gave their last full measure in "Operation Iraqi Freedom".  I will proudly represent you as we honor a New Fairfield High School Senior with our scholarship of $750 on June 3, Scholar's Night.  We appreciated the recent visit of Lion Lisa Sloan and her guide dog "Zing".  We will reciprocate with our first joint meeting with our sponsoring club and hers, the Yalesville-Wallingford Lions Club.  Please join us as we officially designate "Zing" our guide dog mascot on Thursday, June 5. Come to George's II for a very special event.  On June 6 the club has been invited to the Volunteers Appreciation Dinner on the Green Chimneys campus in Brewster.  Lion Dads and the flag will be honored at our last breakfast meeting of the year on June 12.  Our installation dinner promises to be special as CT Lt. Gov. Lion Jodi Rell joins us as her friend and mine, Lion Lovie Bourne, becomes our new President.  I hope to see all of you at Ernie's on June 26.  We will proudly name two new Melvin Jones Fellows and one new Knight of the Blind.  Join us in celebration!
Happy Flag Day! Happy Father's Day!

Dates to Remember!
Thurs. June 5 - Yalesville-Wallingford Lions Joint Meeting - 7 PM - George's II
Wallingford - Meet at 5:30 PM at Exit 9 to car pool
Fri. June 6 - Green Chimneys Appreciation Dinner - 4:45 PM Tour
Thurs. June 12 - Father's Day I Flag Day Salute - 7:30 AM - American Pie Co
Thurs. June 26 - Installation Dinner - 6:30 PM  Ernie's Roadhouse
Fri. July 4  Fourth of July Gathering - New Fairfield Parade area  8:30

Yours in Lionism,

Lion President Alice M. Hoxie

Happy Mother's Day! Happy Memorial Day!

"One World, One Heart ... Building a Better Tomorrow"
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