President's Pen - July, 2005
PO Drawer G, New Fairfield, CT  06812

Jean Knopf
President, 2005-2006

Dear Candlewood Lion Members,

As you all know our club celebrated our 10th Anniversary at a brunch on Sunday, June 12th at the Ethan Allen Inn.  The 2005-2006 Board Members were installed by Lion W. Keith Wuerthner, PDG, District 23B and Lion Diane Pettit, PDG, PCC – District 23 C inducted new member, Darlene Dodson.  Welcome Lion Darlene.

Lions Hillary and Donna Bassriel traveled from Florida to attend.  Lion Hillary was the 1st President of our club and he presented to the club the original gavel he used during his term, dated 4/11/95, which was a gift from the Brookfield Lions Club.

Charter Member and Connecticut Governor Lion Jodi Rell attended and presented Lion Alice Hoxie and Lion Donna Bassriel with a Membership Award. Lion Alice sponsored ten new members and Lion Donna sponsored two.  She also presented a Proclamation to the Club naming June 12th, 2005 as Candlewood Lions Day in the State of Connecticut.

State Representative Maryann Carson presented a Citation of the General Assembly.

Lion Art Davies, PDG – District 23 C and President of the Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation presented Lion Fred Bourne the Knight of the Blind Award and Lions Past International Director; Otto Strobino presented both Lion Marlene Lamendola and Lion Fran Blackwell Allen the Melvin Jones Award, the highest award in Lions.

It was an honor to have these distinguished Lions attends our celebrations.  It was a wonderful event and a great time was had by all.

Congratulations to Lion Jerry King who was presented the first Lion of the Year Award at our June 23rd meeting.  Jerry has been involved in many of the Club’s events and has chaired our dance for the last two years.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Lion Allison Downs and Lion Lovie Bourne both of whom had surgery in June.

Lion Marty Steinberg has organized a trip for members to Stone Crop, a Horticultural Center in Cold Springs, New York on August 6th.    Click Here for the details.

Don’t forget our first event of the year is the July 4th Parade.  We assemble at 8:30 am at the RT 39 driveway entrance to the Shaw’s Plaza.

Tuesday, August 9th will be our first Board of Directors Meeting of the New Lions Year.  Please contact Lion Marlene at 746-7964 or Lion Jean at 775-5222 to let us know if you are attending.  We would like to continue to order dinner for our board meetings but we need to know the number to order for.  If Lion Marlene knows by noon the day of the meeting we can then go ahead and order accordingly and have the food arrive in a timely manner to keep the meeting on track. 

August 21st will be the Lions Annual Picnic.  Lions Bob and Norma Gyle have been gracious enough to open their home to us once again to enjoy an afternoon together.  

Meeting Schedule Change for the 2005-2006 Year:

Morning Meetings
The 1st Thursday of each month at 7:30 am at the New Fairfield Senior Center

Evening Meetings
The 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at Biscotti’s Restaurant in New Fairfield
(Unless otherwise announced due to an event)

Board of Directors Meetings
Will be held on the Tuesday of the week between the morning and evening meetings.
These meetings will continue to be held at the New Fairfield office of Union Savings Bank

October 15thChili Contest
October 30thCar Rally
December 10th   Green Chimney Christmas Party
December 8th     Club Christmas Party at Ethan Allen Inn

April 21st     Do You Wanna Dance 2

In closing I would like to say I look forward to the privilege of acting as President of our club for this year.  I know there will be many challenges……. but also know that there are members with a wealth of knowledge to help guide me and with their support and that of our members we are sure to have another successful year. .  I would like to thank Past President Lion Bob for his guidance over the last year. You have helped prepare me for this year. Also Lion Bob and Lion Alice, thank you for volunteering to do the morning meetings for me when you are available.   

Though we are a club of only ten years we have an interesting and unique history. A history all members should take pride in.   It is my hope to dedicate a meeting this year to having some of our Charter Members shares our club history with all of us.  I think this would be of great interest to the new members who have joined over the last few years and potential new members. 

We have some exciting events planned for this year and to make them successful we will need to all get involved.  Our membership is growing and with each new member comes different talents. 

As we form committees to plan our events we will be calling on members to share their talents.
Please call me with any ideas or suggestions for meetings or fund raisers.  I look forward to working with you all.

Enjoy a happy, but safe summer.

Lion Jean

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