President's Pen Year in Review - July, 2003

"One World, One Heart ... Building a Better Tomorrow"

Memorial Day Greetings, Candlewood Lions!

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of those who can stop it."
Helen Keller

Dear Candlewood Lions!
Each of you helped to "stop the suffering" this year as you served your fellow man through
Lionism. Together we invited 10 new Lions to serve with us, including our first international member Lion Suzi Huber-Lam of Switzerland and our two newly inducted members Lion Pat Maguire and Lion Carrie Matos. Welcome! 19 have joined us over the past two years! We named Lions Donna Bassriel and CT Lt. Gov. Lion Jodi Rell "Melvin Jones Fellows" and our incoming President Lion Lovie Bourne a "Knight of the Blind". Lion Bob Gyle, PDG, became our first "Ambassador of Sight", receiving the honor via a cell phone call from Lion Jodi and yours truly. Congratulations to all! Wear your new pins with pride! From our July 4th pre-parade festivities the year has overflowed with activity and enthusiasm---Chili Competition III, Partridge in a Pear Tree Craft Fair where we sold out of giant-sized Heroic Firefighters Coloring Books, our "magical" holiday party for disadvantaged Green Chimneys youngsters at the New Fairfield Fire House where "Lion Santa" Ed Smith arrived atop a bell-clanging fire truck as Lion Magic Marty entertained with six other professionals and an adorable clown. There was the Red and Green Holiday Gathering at the Ethan Allen Inn with Connecticut ornaments given by Lion Jodi, the mid-winter hoe-down that brought 24 of us to Farmington to enter our first district skit contest, decked out in cowboy hats and led in rousing song by Lion Jerry King, assisted by the other half of "Jerry King Live" Lion Peg King. The luncheon welcome brought Lion Jodi to the podium. Our annual wine-tasting fundraiser was accompanied by a basket of cheer raffle won by our dynamic guest speaker Lion Bill Phillips, PDG of Orange. We raised $500 in "Bunny Money" as we sold Lions bunnies at our friendly Union Savings Banks. We participated in "Shake the Can Day for Eyesight", distributed a $750 scholarship to New Fairfield senior Stephanie Dommermuth, adopted two local families, and brought the precious gift of sight to a special young woman when we purchased her contacts and glasses. Our Mystery Dinner Theater II was another coup, raising more than $2,500. Nearly $10,000 was disbursed to needy charities, including the Stephen Siller Children's Fund. Stephen was one of the fire fighting heroes of 9/11 and the cousin of Lions Kris and John Hodge. Lion Jodi donated $2,500. Our guest speakers were varied and impressive from a memory retention specialist, antique doll experts, Lion Lisa Sloan and her guide dog Xing, Fidelco Liaison Lion Bob Kirsch, forensic sleuth and writer Dr. Jerry Labriola to our own Lion Secretary Marge Gallo, who presented a superb CRIS Radio Broadcast for the Blind. Lion Marge will be leaving her board position as Secretary after five years of service. We thank her for that dedication and extend our sincere sympathy on the sudden passing of her beloved father. We named two mascots: Two-year old Alison Hodge who regularly attends our 7:30 AM breakfasts and Guide Dog Xing. We attended our first joint club meeting with our sponsoring Yalesville-Wallingford Lions where we honored Lion Lisa Sloan and Xing with a Lion Magic Marty plaque. We participated in CRIS, Hospice, and LCIF Fund Raising Breakfasts, attended the Officer's Training Seminar, Lions Day at the UN, 23 A Zone Meetings, the Spring Convention in the Pocono's, the 75th and 80th Galas of the Danbury and Waterbury Clubs and were thanked at Green Chimneys' Appreciation Dinner. I had the privilege of representing Candlewood at the USA-Canada Forum in Ft, Worth and the International President's Dinner in Quincy, Mass. We now have Candlewood Lions brochures thanks to the efforts of Lion Nancy Beck and have been praised for the fine website set up by Lion Web Master Rob Farella. Thank you Treasurer Lion Marlene Lamendola, menter Lion Bob Gyle, and "Partner in Crime" Lion Lovie. Thank you, Candlewood Lions, for giving me the opportunity to serve with each of you over the past two years and for heeding Helen Keller's plea at that first Lions Convention to become her  "Knights of the Blind". All the best, Lion President Lovie! Congratulations!

Dates to Remember!

Fri. July 4  4th of July Gathering - New Fairfield Parade area  8:30

Yours in Lionism,

Lion President Alice M. Hoxie

Happy 4th of July!
"One World, One Heart ... Building a Better Tomorrow"
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