President's Pen - July, 2003

Lion Alice Hoxie Passes the Baton | Lion Lovie begins her Presidency

Dear Fellow Lions:

My Presidency began July 1st.  Currently, we are 49 members strong, and continue to grow both in members and strength.

Approximately 40 members and guests attended our Installation on 26 June.  My thanks to Lion Al Hazard, PDG, Danbury Lions Club, for conducting the Installation.  Lion Alice Hoxie, IPP, receives my thanks for her help in planning the Installation and for the thoughtful gifts to all members.  Lions Jerry and Peg King with Arnie Gross at the piano are to be commended for their wonderful performance of Rodgers & Hammerstein favorites. 

Our raffle for the event raised $112.00 for the Club.  My thanks to Lions Donna & Hillery Bassriel, Lion Fred Bourne, Lion Alice Hoxie, and Lt. Gov. Lion Jodi Rell for donating the items to be raffled.

Our first event of my year, the New Fairfield 4th of July Parade, sponsored by the New Fairfield Lions Club, was attended by Lions:  Fran Allan; Donna & Hillery Bassriel; Fred & Lovie Bourne; Janet & Rob Farella; Bob Gyle; Alison, John & Kris Hodge; Alice Hoxie; Pat Maguire; Carrie Matos; Othella Mayes; and Pam Sommer.  Lion Fran's husband, Ed, also joined us this morning.  It was a beautiful day and we had a nice shady area this year.  Our donation can, along with the selling of the swords (thanks largely to the efforts of Lion Kris Hodge) resulted in our collecting $126.00.

Thanks to Lions Fran Allan, Pat Maguire and Carrie Matos for serving on the Refreshment Committee.

*******SAVE THE DATE*******

The President's Picnic will be held at the home of Lions Fred & Lovie, on Sunday, 10 August from 2 - 6 PM.  Hamburgers & Hot-dogs and the traditional picnic fixings are the menu for the day.  If you would like to bring something please let us know.  A short meeting will begin at 5:15 PM where new Lions will be inducted (if possible).

Correspondence  We have received the following thank you's for our donations:  The Friends of Green Chimneys and Good Friend CT; New Fairfield Middle School; Virginia Lions Eyeglass Recycling, Inc.; Lions Club of Danbury, Inc.; Easter Seals Connecticut Camp Hemlocks; Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation; and Lions Club International Foundation.  We also received a note of deep gratitude for our prayers, thoughts and peace plant that was sent to Lion Marge Gallo's family following the death of her father.

Club News  (1) This past winter proved too much for Lions Ed & Joan Smith who are moving to Florida.  Lions Ed & Joan have chaired our last two wine tasting gatherings; and Lion Ed played "Santa" at our Holiday Party for the children of Green Chimneys.  (2) Lion Marianne Dahill, a charter member, is also moving to Florida. (3) Lion Veronica Siewarga has moved back to her native country.  All of you will be sorely missed.

Our prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery go out to: (1) Lion Carl Sporkmann; and (2) Lion Myong-Cha Ferrara, who are both recovering from surgery.

Special Thank You  to Lion Alice Hoxie IPP & Publicity Director, and her new assistant, Lion Carrie Matos, for ensuring that our Club events are well publicized.

Notables   (1) The Madison Lions Club is hosting a Testimonial Dinner honoring our PDG Marinus deJongh at the Clinton Country Club on 2 August from 6  10 PM.  Please call me if you're interested in attending.  (2) The Brookfield Lions Club will be hosting its 21st Annual Golf Tournament on 22 August at Silo Ridge Country Club in Amenia, NY.  For information call Craig Stoeppel (203.775.2388); or Rick Coyle (203.775.2256). 



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