President's Pen - August, 2005
PO Drawer G, New Fairfield, CT  06812

Jean Knopf
President, 2005-2006

Dear Candlewood Lion Members,

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer. 

Thank you to Lion Fred Bourne, Lion Jean Hazard, Lion Carrie Matos, Lion Alice Hoxie, Lion Rob and Janet Farella, Lion Pam Sommer, Lion Ed and Fran Allen, Lion Othella Mayes, Lion Pat Martin , Lion Marge Gallo and Lion Bob and Norma Gyle for volunteering their time on a holiday to help out at the New Fairfield 4th of July Parade. Lion Kris and John Hodge were there also but marching in the parade.  Each year our club gathers at the parade and gives out bottles of water and doughnuts to the community. I am sorry I could not attend due to a personal matter.  It is a fun event and members were able to enjoy the parade with their families. 

August 6th Lion Marty Steinberg is hosting an International Buffet and Entertainment event at his home…Lion Marty has planned a wonderful day for everyone to enjoy…Please be sure to make your reservation with him.  You can reach him at 845-886-4671.

Sunday, August 21st is the date for the annual picnic which will be held at Lion Bob and Lion Norma’s home.  It will be a nice day to relax and spend time with our fellow Lions.  Lion Bob will be inducting new members.  I have attached copy of directions to their home.   Please call Lion Allison Downs or myself at 203-775-5222 with any questions.

Board of Director Meeting
Our first board of director meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 9th at the Union Savings Bank in New Fairfield at 6:30 pm

Monthly Meetings
Thursday, September 1st at the New Fairfield Senior Center.  7:30 AM
Thursday, September 15th at Biscotti’s Restaurant in New Fairfield @ 6:30 PM


We have a new year of events to plan for and we are looking for volunteers to act as Chairpersons for our events.   I know that in the past many of our members have been acting as a Chairperson for years and might be ready to pass it on to some newer members.  In an effort to help encourage our new members to step up to the task I would like to ask if our members who have chaired a committee in the pass would agree to be an advisor.  In this way if someone who has not worked on the committee before offers to chair they would have someone to call for direction and advice. For example, Gerry Platania has agreed to chair our big event and Jerry King, who has chaired this event for the last two years, has agreed to be an advisor for him.

Following is a list of events to date that we have planned. 
10/15Chili Contest Bob Gyle,  Chairperson

10/30Car RallyBob Gyle,  Chairperson

12/8  Club Christmas Party (Ethan Allen) Volunteer needed

12/10Green Chimney Children’s Party     Volunteer needed

Feburary  Wine TastingSeamus Walsh, Chairperson

April 22nd        *Do You Wanna Dance 2  Gerry Platania, Chairperson Jerry King, Advisor

*Please note…this date has been changed from Friday, April 21st to allow us to have the dance on a Saturday… To do this we must guarantee Anthony Lake Club 100 count.  Last year we did over l00 and everyone enjoyed the evening.   We have had many people asking us if we will be doing the “50ties” theme again this year.  The committee felt we could meet the 100 count.  It will take all of us to get involved and promote our biggest fund raiser of the year.  I have no doubt that we can do it….The committee is putting together some great ideas to make this a fun event which they will share with you at our meetings.  They will be calling on members to help out on the committees.  Together we can make this a successful fund raiser for our club.

Checkout our website ( Lion Rob Farella has put pictures up from our events throughout last year.  It is fun to look back and see all the fun we had while raising funds for our community.

Again, enjoy your summer and we look forward to seeing you at the picnic.

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