President's Pen - September, 2006
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Our club is as strong as our members..... Keep our club strong......

Jean Knopf
President, 2006-2007

Dear Candlewood Lion Members,

Well summer is almost behind us and here we are starting another year of Lions events.

On August 17th we all met at the Senior Center in New Fairfield and had a “Summer Southern Dinner”.  We all enjoyed a wonderful pot luck supper and caught up on what we had all been doing this summer.  Lion Alice Hoxie brought pictures of her vacation in France and her visit with our own International Lion Suzanne Lam-Huber.  Lion Suzanne sends her best to all of our members.

August 19th Lion Marty Steinberg hosted an outing to the John J McCarthy Observatory in New Milford.  Members who attended all said it was an interesting outing. 

We will be starting off our meetings in September with a different agenda.  The International President Lion Jimmy Ross has asked all clubs to hold a Lions Club Renewal Initiative. What he is asking is for an open discussion of our club practices.  This will include discussions on the success of our club meetings, member recruitment/retention, service projects and fundraisers.
I would like everyone to give thought to the following questions:

1.What do you like about our meetings? 
2.What would you change at our meetings?
3.What type of speakers would you like to have at our meetings?
4.What can we do to bring new members into our club?
5.What can we do to retain existing members and get them more involved?
6.How would you suggest we get members involved in meetings, events, etc?
7.What fund raising projects do you feel are successful or unsuccessful?
8.What type of fund raisers would you like to see our club do?
9.What type of service projects would like to see the club get involved with?
10.      What can we do to strengthen our club going forward?

This discussion will help to strengthen our club.  We might decide to eliminate an unprofitable fundraiser, or perhaps introduce a new service project.  We might come up with some creative ideas as how to bring in new members or to educate our new existing members on what it is to be a Lion allowing them to get involved in all our activities and to feel comfortable. This meeting is open to discuss whatever all of us, as members, decide is best for the club.  We have a great mixture of “seasoned” Lions and new Lions in our club.  This mix will allow for us to take ideas from both and come up with some creative ways to grow our club.

The October meeting will be the next step in strengthening our club.  As a fairly new member myself I feel it is important to educate new members as to what we do as Lions and why.  If members have an understanding of what our Lion projects are and how our fund raising efforts will benefit our communities they will want to become more involved. 

In an effort to educate our members I have asked Lion Beth Handsman and Lion Seamus Walsh to prepare our October meeting.  The theme will be “Everything You Have Always Wanted To Know About Lions, But Were Afraid To Ask”   I have asked them to invite a panel of Lions to answer all of our questions.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn what it means to be a Lion and the good we do worldwide.  I would like questions ahead of time to ensure we have them for the panel.  Please write down your questions and email them to Lion Beth at or bring them to our September meeting.  This is an opportunity for all of us to learn and grow as Lions.  

Our meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of each month.  However, for the month of October only, the evening meeting will have to be scheduled for the 4th Thursday of the month, OCTOBER 26th.  This change is just for the month of October only.

As you all know we have fund raisers throughout the year to support Lions Projects and Community Charities.  At our Board Meeting August 9th it was voted that 60% of funds raised would be donated to local charities and 40% to Lions projects.  There is so much we can do for our communities and worldwide.  I am calling on all of us as members to step up and get involved in our fund raising efforts.  In today’s world there are so many needs.  We have the means to help.  Remember our club is as strong as our members and we can make a difference.  I am asking all members who have volunteered to chair an activity to contact members and ask them to join their committee, have committee meetings and get the members involved.   We became Lions to “serve” and we have the means. Come on and get involved. 

Also, just a reminder, in my last newsletter I asked all members to submit to Lion Marlene Lamendola charities you would like to see us support in the 2006-2007 year by Sept 21st.  These charities will be listed throughout the year as we do events to raise funds.  The Board will review the list of all charities and make a decision on the ones we will support.  You may email your choices to Lion Marlene at or submit them at the Sept. 21st meeting.

USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum will be held in Columbus, Ohio on September 14th through the 16th.  Reservations should be made by September 1st.  Information and forms can be found on the Lions International Web Site.

Internationally acclaimed tenor, Anthony Kearns (one third of the world renowned trio, The Irish Tenors) will be appearing at the Belding Theater at the Bushnell on Saturday, October 28th.  All proceeds from this event will go to benefit the CT Lions Eye Research Foundation. 
Ticket cost:  $63.00 includes Post Concert Reception with Mr. Kearns or $38.00 General Admission.  To purchase tickets call (888) 824-2874 or online  For anyone who has not had the pleasure of attending a concert by Mr. Kearns you are in for a wonderful evening. 


September 14th – 16th USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum - Columbus, Ohio

October 15thRoad Rally
October 21st Chili Contest
October 28thAnthony Kerns Belding Theater at the Bushnell, Hartford, CT


Thursday, September 7th - Regular Morning Meeting - New Fairfield Senior Center - 7:30 AM

Wednesday, September 13th - Board Meeting - Biscotti’s Restaurant - 6:30 PM

Thursday, September 21st - Regular Evening Meeting - Biscotti’s Restaurant - 6:30 pm

I am looking forward to seeing you all at our September meeting and the beginning of another successful year for our club.

Lion Jean
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