President's Pen - September, 2008
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Our club is as strong as our members..... Keep our club strong......

Lion Rob Farella
President, 2008-2009

Dear Candlewood Lion Members,

The sad news of Lion Jean Knopf ’s passing  has hit me in the heart. She was a dedcated Lion who was able to lead us in our most successful years as Candlewood Lions. You may notice that I am using Jean’s Motto “Our club is as strong as our members..... Keep our club strong......” above. I will take on that motto this year and also propose that in honor of Jean we make it our offical club motto. We will all miss Lion Jean.

Well summer is half way thru and we are about to start another year of Lions events.

On August 17th we can all enjoy a social event combined with our youth project for the year. Lions Norma and Bob Gyle have graciously offered to hold our annual picnic at their home again this year. The Picnic will also be a fund raiser to gather supplies for an Eagles Scout Project to send care boxes to our troops overseas.  It will act as our youth project for the year. I have attached a listing of suggested items for the care packages. Please bring what you can. The donations will be the price of admission.

Lions Norma and Bob will donate all of the beverages and meat but will need the rolls, salads deserts, etc. Lion Marlene Lamedola 203 798-6087 (h), 203 746-7960 (w) ( will coordinate the dishes. Please contact her for suggested dishes to bring.

Please contact me or Marlene if you can attend. We will need a count by Wednesday Aug. 13.

We will be starting off our meetings in September with an open discussion of our club practices.  This will include discussions on the success of our club meetings, member recruitment/retention, service projects and fundraisers.

I would like everyone to give thought to the following questions:

1.What do you like about our meetings? 

2.What would you change at our meetings?

3.What type of speakers would you like to have at our meetings?

4.What can we do to bring new members into our club?

5.What can we do to retain existing members and get them more involved?

6.How would you suggest we get members involved in meetings, events, etc?

7.What fund raising projects do you feel are successful or unsuccessful?

8.What type of fund raisers would you like to see our club do?

9.What type of service projects would like to see the club get involved with?

10. What can we do to strengthen our club going forward?

This discussion will help to strengthen our club.  We might decide to eliminate an unprofitable fundraiser, or perhaps introduce a new service project.  We might come up with some creative ideas as how to bring in new members or to educate our new existing members on what it is to be a Lion allowing them to get involved in all our activities and to feel comfortable. This meeting is open to discuss whatever all of us, as members, decide is best for the club.  We have a great mixture of “seasoned” Lions and new Lions in our club.  This mix will allow for us to take ideas from both and come up with some creative ways to grow our club.


Last year we voted to eliminate our morning meeting and to instead have 2 evening meetings on the first and Third Thursdays of each month. The first Thrusday will be a Lions Business Meeting held at Portofino’s and the Third Thrusday  will be a Lions Social Meeting at Jim Barbries Resturant.

We became Lions to “serve”. Come on and get involved.


August 17th - Picnic - Gyle's 4 pm - List of Gifts for the troops should be sent with invite to all members

September 4th - Lions business meeting - Portofino’s

September 18th - Lions Social meeting - Barbarie's - Guest speaker?

October 2nd - Lions business meeting - Portofino’s

October 4th - Chili Contest - NF Senor Center 12-2 pm - Set up 10:30

October 16th - Lions Social meetin - Barbaries's - Speaker from Fielco w dog?

October 19th - Car Rally - Senior Center 1pm

November 6th - Lions business meeting - Portofino’s

November 20th - Lions social meeting - VDG Mark Lyon form Brookfield might be good

December 4th - Lions business meeting - Portofino’s

December 13th - Green Chimneys Party - Firehouse needs to be reserved.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at our Picnic and upcoming meetings and the beginning of another successful year for our club.

We Serve
Lion Rob
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