Summer is over…Let the Events begin!

Past Club Meetings and Events —

*Welcome to new LionsGianni Cordazzo; Allison Downs; Michelle Gauthier; and Seamus Walsh who were all inducted at our 25                             September meeting at Ernie’s Roadhouse.  Lion Jean Knopf, Membership Director, is the sponsor for these new Lions.  Thank you to Lion               Scott Storms for conducting the induction.

*The Board met on 6 OctoberLion Jerry King is working on developing plans for our major fund-raiser to be held at Anthony’s Lake Club                 on 8 May 2004.  We are currently discussing a “hoe down” country-western type affair.  If you have ideas, contact Lion Jerry.

*9 October Morning Meeting at the American Pie Company.  Our guest, Cathy Hoda, Nutritional Product Specialist, Market America, spoke to            the group about nutrition and health.  One thing that Cathy spoke about was drinking water.  We all need water to detoxify our systems.                       Since our bodies are approximately 70% water, to determine how many ounces we should be drinking, take your weight and divide it by 2.                 Thus, if you weigh 120 pounds (we all wish), dividing your weight by 2 equals 60.  Thus, you should be drinking 60 ounces of water per day. 

*Cathy, whose birthday is today, was given an Aromatique cinnamon cider candle and card.  Thanks to Lion Kris Hodge for recommending                Cathy to speak.

*Our Chili Festival IV was held on 18 October at the New Fairfield Senior Center.  There were six contestants…and the winners were:                           Professional – The Cookhouse; Political – John Arizzi, First Selectman Candidate; and Group – Union Savings Bank (Gerry Platania).                       Thank you to Lion Bob Gyle, Chairman, and Committee members:  Lions Karen Kelley, Donna Larsen, Chris Makell, and Carrie Matos for                coordinating the affair.  Thanks to Lions Alice Hoxie, Rob Farella, Marlene Lamendola, Othella Mayes, and Pam Sommer for pitching in to               help.  Thank you to Lion Fred Bourne for tallying the results.  Thanks to Lions Alice Hoxie, Fred Bourne, Bob Gyle, Marlene Lamendola,                     and Tracy Poeti for securing the raffle gifts which raised $105.00.

Upcoming Club Meetings and Events —

*Thursday, 23 October at 6:30 PM our Evening Meeting at Ernie’s Roadhouse.  Our guest speaker is Dr. Richard Bailey, Chiropractor, who                  will talk about Stress.

*30 October, 7:30 AM, Hospice Fall Festival Breakfast at the Amber Room.  Cost - $10 (minimum) plus “tip.”

*4 November, Board Meeting, 6 PM, Union Savings Bank, New Fairfield.

*13 November, Morning Meeting, American Pie Company.  Speaker, L. Bloomer, TBICO (The Bridge to Independence and Career                                 Opportunity).

*20 November, Evening Meeting, 6:30 PM, Ernie’s Roadhouse.  Lion Fran and Ed Allan will talk about Habitat For Humanity.

*18 December, Holiday Gala, Ethan Allen Inn, 6:30 PM.

Correspondence —

*I received a thank you note from Lion Anna Valeria thanking me for “inviting [her] to meet such a great group of Candlewood Lions…it was a             pleasure.”  She also thanked us for the bamboo plant given to her and Joe for their 54th anniversary.  She included a picture showing how                well it fits within her décor.

*Lion Roger Martin, Chairman of the Connecticut Lions Eye Health Program wrote asking to come visit and speak to our Club.  I will see if                  this can be arranged in the near future.

*Lion Gayle Hodgson, of Canada wrote thanking me for sending her a photo of her and President Lee at the USA/Canada Forum.

*The Lions Club of Meriden is holding a Black Tie Optional 80th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, 8 November at the Ramada Plaza                      Hotel in Meriden.  John Oblan’s 15 Piece Big Band, 7 PM, cost $40.

*We received communiqué from the Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation (CLERF) listing their various activities and programs for                  the coming year which include:  a new Connecticut Lions Vascular Eye Center at the UCONN Health Center, a statewide Lions Information               and Visitation Program, Lions SightSaver Days and SightSaver Brunch, the Lions Eye Research Golf Tournament and Lions Baseball                        outings.  Research, retinal imaging and eye screening programs will be highlighted throughout the year as they endeavor to bolster the                     annual club donation program through corporate and individual giving activities.

*We are entitled to five (5) delegates to CLERF this year to serve on the Membership-Board.  Please let me know ASAP if anyone is                               interested in serving.  The first meeting is being held on Monday, 27 October at the UCONN Health Center at 7:30 PM.

Club News —

*To celebrate his 65th birthday, Lion Bob Gyle, family and friends took an 8-day Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Legend to San Juan, St.            Thomas and Tortola.  One word to describe the trip—“FANTASTIC!” 
*All arrangements for the cruise were handled by Lion Marrietta Rizzi, Travel Connections.

*Lion Alice has been flitting around the East Coast vacationing in Washington, DC; Atlantic City; Ocean City, MD; and Philadelphia, PA.

*Lion Lovie & Fred Bourne had a restful time at the Montauk Yacht Club in Montauk, LI.

*Lion Carrie Matos is planning a trip to Italy.

*Lion Marty and Gail Steinberg are once again proud grandparents.  Their daughter, Natalie, gave birth to a baby girl, Lucy.  I’ve seen a                       picture, she’s really cute.  Congrat-ulations to Natalie and Tom Belcher.

*Lion Pam Sommer, other Lions and friends are planning a trip to NYC to go to Chinatown and the theater.

*Lion Nancy Beck and I had a blast at Woodbury Commons.  We found a wonderful Japanese restaurant (Gasho Hibachi Steak-house) with              a tranquil Japanese garden.


*Lion Kris Hodge is our Sunshine Director.  If you know of a Lion who is ill or having a significant moment, please let Lion Kris know so that               she can send an appropriate card.

*Many thanks to Lion Fred Bourne for the setting up and printing of our Club calendar (at no cost to our Club).  Job well done!

*Lastly —Thank you for all you do to help to make our Club vital.

Yours in Lionism…Kind regards, Lion Lovie
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