Past Club Meetings and Events—

¨Our guest speaker at the 23 October meeting was Dr. Richard Bailey, Chiropractor, with the Physicians Health and Injury Center in Danbury, and the Brookfield Health and Injury Center in Brookfield.  Dr. Bailey spoke to the Club about stress, its causes, treatment and prevention.  Each member present received a body massage device and an in-office complimentary half-hour massage by a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

¨30 October – The following Lions attended the Regional Hospice New Fairfield Fall Breakfast:  Lovie Bourne, Janet Farella, Marge Gallo, Kris Hodge and Mascot Alison; Alice Hoxie, Karen Kelley, Jean Knopf, Marlene Lamendola, Pat Maguire, Pat Martin, Othella Mayes, and Marietta Rizzi.  Thank you all for coming and for “tipping” your waitress (Lion Lovie) so generously.  Since the Club purchased the table ($75.00) all Club members contributed to this worthwhile project whether in attendance or not.  Thank you.

¨15 November – The “Homecoming Testimonial for our Immediate Past International Director, Scott Storms was held at the La Renaissance in E. Windsor.  There were approximately 450 Lions in attendance.  Our Club was well represented by Lions:  Fred & Lovie Bourne, Bob & Norma Gyle, Alice Hoxie and Jean Knopf.  Lions attended from all of the New England states, Alabama, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma.  Lion Scott received the Ambassador of Sight Award.

Upcoming Club Meetings and Events—

¨20 November – Lion Fran and Ed Allan will talk about their recent experience with Habitat for Humanity.  It is estimated that 25% of the world’s population, more than a billion people, live in substandard housing or have no home at all.  Thus to help meet this challenge, Lions Clubs International Foundation and Habitat for Humanity International launched a three-year partnership to build homes for individuals and families living with serious physical or mental disabilities.  Between the years 2000 – 2003, this partnership will enable local Lions clubs and local Habitat affiliates to build low cost homes for persons with disabilities who are presently living in substandard and non-handicapped accessible housing.  LCIF has committed $12 million for this initiative.

¨Thanksgiving Baskets for the Needy.  We received Member commitments of $310 to provide food for those in need.  Thank you all for being so generous.  Lions Donna Larsen and/or Chris Makell will be contacting you for Christmas basket contributions and Giving Tree gifts for those families and children who are less fortunate.

¨10 December - CRIS Radio Breakfast, 7:30 AM, Amber Room, Danbury.  The Club is purchasing a table, please let me know if you would like to attend.

¨11 December - Morning Meeting, American Pie Company, Sherman.  Our District Governor, Bob Redenz, will be joining us and will address the group.  Additionally, our Region III Chair, Mark Lyon, will attend, but will not be speaking.

¨13 December, 11 – 1 PM, Holiday Party for the disadvantaged children of Green Chimney’s.  For information, please contact Lions Seamus Walsh or Michelle Gauthier.

¨18 December, Evening Meeting, Holiday Gala, Ethan Allen Inn, 6:30 PM.  Cost $34.00.  Grab bag, please bring wrapped gift, $10 maximum, to join in the fun.


¨The Fidelco Guide Foundation is holding its Open House for all New England Lions on Saturday, April 17, 2004.  Please add this event to your Club calendar.

¨The Creative Toymaker, Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, is helping Good Friend.  On Sunday, 7 December, from noon – 4 PM, every purchase will be discounted 10%, and 10% of the sale will be donated to Good Friend.  You must have a copy of the coupon that can be obtained off our website.  If you would like more information on Good Friend, please visit their website at  Good Friend is a program of Green Chimneys.

¨Our 53rd Annual MD23 Mid-Winter Conference is being held from Friday, 6 February through Sunday, 8 February 2004 at the Farmington Marriott. Our International President, Dr. Tae-Sup “T.S.” Lee, will be attending.  The Convention registration form can be obtained from our website.  Last year, we had the distinction of being the Club with the 2nd highest number of members in attendance. 

¨International induction fees ($25) for women joining Lions during 1 November 2003 – 3 June 2004 are being waived as a recruitment initiative to get more women members worldwide.  Lion Jean Knopf, Membership Director, is working on a Club recruitment event for March 04—details are upcoming.

Club News —

¨23 November, 9:30 AM - Our Club is receiving the 100% Club Award at Rapp’s Paradise Inn, Ansonia, for 2002-2003.  Kudos to Lions Alice Hoxie, Marge Gallo and Marlene Lamendola for ensuring that all our efforts were properly documented.  Apparently only 36 of the 51 clubs are being thus honored.

¨Lions Michelle Gauthier and Seamus Walsh became engaged.  They’ve just returned from a trip to Ireland and London and had “lots of fun.”  Congratulations and best wishes!

¨Lion Carrie Matos loved Italy.

¨Lion Fran & Ed Allan had an “adventure” in Mexico.

¨Lions Fred & Lovie spent a lovely long weekend in Dallas visiting with friends from IN, MI, MO and TX.

¨It is with deep regret that I report that Lion Nancy Beck has resigned from our Club.  Nancy, a transfer member since 10/95, is leaving due to starting her own legal consulting service.  I sure that you all join me in wishing her all the very best.

¨I am deeply saddened to report that Club Charter Members Lions Donna & Hillery Bassriel are moving to Florida.  However, they will continue to be Club members for the year. Lion Hillery served two terms as our President. Our prayers and best wishes will always be with you.  Your leadership will be a definite loss for our Club.


¨Thank you to Lion Pat Martin for ensuring that Citizen-News copies are always on-hand.

¨Thank you to Lion Marietta Rizzi, for cutting out newspaper Club articles and mailing them to me.

¨On behalf of Lion Fred and myself, we wish you and yours a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.  May God bless.

Yours in Lionism…Kind regards, Lion Lovie
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