Past Club Meetings and Events —

¨Our Guest Speakers at the 20 November meeting were:  Lion Fran & Ed Allan who talked about their experience with Habitat for Humanity in South America.  It seems odd that people live so primatively.  Imagine having to open a can with a knife, or not have running water.  Additionally, Louann Bloomer of The Bridge to Independence and Career Opportunity spoke about her organization.  TBICO provides job/career skills/counseling.  Ms. Bloomer was recommended to speak to our Club by Lion Pam SommerLion Pam is a “graduate” of TBICO; and Lion Chris Makell is a volunteer.  Thanks to Lion Pam for the speaker recommendation.

¨On 21 November food gift certificates were distributed.  Through your generosity we were able to assist five (5) families with food gift certificates ranging from $50 to $100 each.

¨At the 1 December Board meeting, we agreed to have a disco dance rather than a country western type hoe down for our major fund-raiser on 8 May.  Lion Jerry King would love to hear your ideas.

¨10 December – The CRIS Breakfast was well attended.  Lions:  Fran Allan, Lovie Bourne, Alice Hoxie, Pat Maguire and Jerry & Peggy King represented our Club.

¨11 December, Morning Meeting – Our District Governor, Bob Redenz and Region III Chair, Mark Lyon attended.  DG Bob had a really good “report card” on our Club.  He was aware of what we were doing; our membership, our website, our attendance at functions, our donations, etc.  He singled out Lion Alice for her commitment to bringing on new members and said that Lion Lovie was following her example.  DG Bob gave Lion Lovie one of his banners and pins.  His visit was insightful, complimentary, uplifting and encouraging.

¨On 13 December we held our Holiday Party for the disadvantaged children of Green Chimney’s at the Company A Firehouse.  Although we were expecting 33-45 children, only 22 (aged 6-11) were able to attend.  The children were well behaved and mannerable.  The Volunteer Fire Fighters (Jeff Font, Sue Guerriero (EMT), Bud Koral, Rich Schretzenmayer & Peter Weinberger) gave them a tour of the Firehouse and Ambulance, and “Santa” (Ron Webb) arrived via the fire truck.  The kids were thrilled.  Santa Ron has natural white hair and beard, and the smaller children were very curious about his hair.  He was wonderful with the children.  The children loved Lion Marlene’s chicken; my sister-in-law, Betty Bourne’s, rice and beans; Lion Tracy’s double chocolate brownies; and Lion Marietta’s chocolate chip cookies.  After everyone had been served, one little boy came up and heaped his plate with about 10 pieces of chicken.  Lion Marty and his “helpers” captivated the children with their magic tricks.  Each child received an artist kit, pad, and candy cane compliments of the Club.  Lion Fran bought clementines for each child.  Toward the end, one youth went around, extended his hand, and thanked us for the party and food.  This was truly a wonderful project.  At least eight of the children attending had attended last year’s party.  Although each of us contributed to this event…there are those who went the extra mile, who must be thanked:  Lions: Fran & Ed Allan; Lovie & Fred Bourne, Rob Farella, Alice Hoxie, Karen Kelley, Jerry & Peggy King, Tracy Poeti, Marietta Rizzi, and Marty Steinberg.  Lions Seamus Walsh and Michelle Gauthier helped to coordinate this event.  Lion Michelle’s mother, Kathy Gauthier, also helped to wrap the gifts.  And, Betty Bourne (who is thinking about joining our Club) for the food and afternoon assistance.  Lion Marty also made up awards for each performer, Volunteer Fireman & EMT.  Santa Ron Webb and his wife Sue, are volunteers for Good Friends.  Santa Ron is also a Deacon at the Congregational Church.  Also, thanks to DG Bob Redenz for coming to the beginning and end of our party.  A VERY BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE…YOUR EFFORTS AND KINDNESS HELPED TO BRIGHTEN A CHILD’S DAY.

Upcoming Club Meetings and Events —

¨18 December – Holiday Gala, Ethan Allen Inn.  Induction of four new members:  Connie Paist, Branch Manager/AVP, Savings Bank of Danbury NF Office; Gerry Platania, Branch Administrator, Union Savings Bank, NF; Elizabeth Steinberg, Student; and Lisa M. Warren, Account Coordinator, Ogilvy PR.  Grab Bag!  Food!  Fun!  Sing-A-Long!

¨19 December – Distribution of Christmas “Gift Certificates.”

¨5 January 04 – Board Meeting, 6 PM.  A representative from the NF BoE will give a review of their Facilities Plan.

¨22 January – Dinner Meeting, 6:30 PM.  Speaker regarding “For the Love of Orchids.”

Correspondence —
¨We received a communiqué from the Multiple District 23 Connecticut State Council…who had been in touch with the leadership of the Lions in Southern California (MD 4).  “Our fellow Lions there have mounted a major effort to alleviate the pain and suffering of the victims of these horrendous [forest] fires.”  A call went out to all CT Lions Clubs to help in this effort.  The Board voted unanimously on 1 Dec. to send $100.00.
¨We received a letter of appreciation from Kathy Hull, Director of Senior Services, Senior Sunshine Center of NF for making the Center a recipient of funds from our Chili Festival.  Ms. Hull stated, “your gift was generous.”  She also thanked the volunteers whom where there that day explaining that, “The facility was left in perfect order.”  Thanks again to the Clean-up Crew — Lions:  Fred & Lovie Bourne, Rob Farella, and Bob Gyle.

¨We received a letter of thanks from Caryn Reilly, Director of Social Services, Town of NF, for our “generous donation of grocery gift certificates for Thanksgiving….”

Club News —

¨Lions Bob & Norma Gyle celebrated their 42nd Anniversary.  Congratulations!

¨Lions Joan & Ed Smith sent “Seasons Greetings from sunny Vero Beach, FL.  The picture, on the beach:  Lion Joan is in a black one piece bathing suit and a red & green elf hat, Lion Ed a/k/a Santa, has his arm around Joan and he’s wearing a Santa hat, red pants (I think  shorts) with a white short-sleeve T-shirt.  Both are waving and smiling as they say…
“Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthful New Year.  Miss you all! Greetings to all the Candlewood Lions.
Love, Joan & Ed”

¨Lion Sue Petro’s father, William Fenwick died.  A condolence card and a peace plant were sent to her on behalf of the Club.

¨Lion Carrie Matos’ mother is in the hospital in NY with pneumonia.  Lion Carrie is in NY tending both her mother and father.  She is retrieving all calls to her home and would welcome your prayers and peaceful thoughts.


¨Thank you to Jean Lopes, Owner, Golden Hanger Cleaners, 39B Mill Plain Road, Danbury for dry cleaning our Santa suit without charge.

¨Thanks to the A&P (Danbury Super Foodmart) that donated $25.00 in food gift certificates, which went toward the food for the Children’s Holiday Party.

Yours in Lionism…Kind regards, Lion Lovie
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